Do you take my insurance?
We are "in-network" providers for Monarch and local Hospital-Affiliated Physician HMO Plans.  For all other HMO and PPO plans we are
"out-of network" providers.  While we don't bill your insurance, we do provide a completed superbill for you to submit to your insurance
company.  After directly paying our office at the time of the appointment you can submit the superbill and receipt to your insurance
company.  Most patients with PPO plans will receive 60 to 70% reimbursement.  For additional information, you may want to check with
your insurance company prior to the appointment for information about out of network coverage, deductibles and other limitations.

We have a Monarch HealthCare or Hospital-Affiliated Physician HMO Plan.  How does that work for us?
We will need an authorization from your PCP prior to scheduling an appointment.  At the time of your appointment you will need your
insurance card and copayment.  Our office will handle the rest (billing, test and follow-up authorizations, etc.).

How much do the appointments cost?
A typical initial consultation (99245) is $385.  Because of some special testing being involved, Dr. McIntosh prefers to spend 90
minutes with families for the evaluation of a child 24 months to five years old with concerns about a pervasive developmental disorder
(Autism, Asperger’s syndrome, etc.).  This is a complex consultation with special testing (99245+96111) costing $425.  Follow-up
appointments (99215) are 30 minutes and cost $165.  You may pay with cash, check or credit card (except American Express).

Are labs and other studies that Dr. McIntosh may order covered by my insurance?
Outside testing sites are not associated with our office and will generally obtain authorization and bill your insurance (similar to when
your pediatrician orders tests).  You may want to check with the facility performing the studies or your insurance company to see what’s
covered before doing the tests.

Do you do telephone consultations?
In some situations a telephone consultation may be appropriate for a follow-up appointment or to discuss complex matters.

Can I e-mail Dr. McIntosh?
Yes; however, e-mail is best reserved for brief, non-urgent questions and concerns.  Also remember that there may be security issues
with using e-mail such as your message being misaddressed and sent to another recipient or not received by Dr. McIntosh; your e-
mail being read by a family member or employer; or your message being stored by your e-mail provider on an unsecured remote

What should I do if there is an after-hours emergency?
Of course for any very urgent matters you should call 911 or seek immediate medical attention.  However, Dr. McIntosh (or an
associate pediatric neurologist) is available 24 hours a day just by calling the main office and following the voice prompts.

How do I get lab/test results?
Our office will attempt to call you once we receive lab/test reports.  However, occasionally we do not receive the reports or we may not
have your correct contact information.  You may want to give the office a call several days after the testing is completed and we can help
you get the results sent over to our office.

How do I get a medication refill?
Dr. McIntosh will prescribe enough medication to last until the recommended follow-up appointment.  So, if you are running low on
medication, it means you're due for a follow-up appointment.  For special circumstances when a medication refill is needed prior to
your follow-up appointment, have your pharmacy fax a refill request to the office (949-249-3730).
Frequently Asked Questions
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